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Posting Access is Closed

Just so people know, I've removed posting access from all the members of 5_4_3_2. This is just the last step in shutting down the comm. I want to keep it online as a lovely little time capsule of fandom and hope that nobody deletes any of their old content. I had a great time playing with y'all. If there are people out there who are still into the fandom but unhappy with the current community options out there, I highly encourage you guys to make your own communities and have your own fun!

See you on the flip side~
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Title: Defending Intentions
Chapter: (1) just a maybe
Author: thegraduate09
Words: 575
Fandom: iCarly
Pairing: Sam/Freddie
Rating: T. (for this chapter)
Summary:Yeah... it's a funny problem.
Author's Note: Sequel to "Therapy." Slightly more grown up material, and set a few months after the end of Therapy.

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Closing membership

Sorry about the spam post, everyone.

I've been intending to do this for a long time, and finally got around to it:

Membership to 5_4_3_2 is now closed.

This means that, if you're already a member here at the community, you can make new posts. But nobody new (read: spammers) will be able to.

Eventually, I'll be turning off the ability for anybody to post, as well. 5_4_3_2 won't get deleted, but you can consider it a dead community, unless a large number of people rise up and demand that it become active again. It was nice while it lasted!
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A Little Bit of Inertia - A Sam/Freddie FST

Medium: Television
Fandom: iCarly
Subject: Sam/Freddie
Title: A Little Bit of Inertia
Notes: The two pics from iGiveaway A Car are from mizufae's picspam for the episode. The rest, I have no idea. Some have been sitting around on my computer for ages and some were snagged from the iCarly Wiki.
Nine tracks, from A Fine Frenzy, The Hush Sound, OK Go, and more. Cover art and track listing under the (fake) cut.

( break down and tell, break down and tell )

Bad Romance // a sam and freddie fanmix

Because I started this before I slowly started leaving the fandom and I felt I needed to finish it. Also, I'm tired of ALL Sam and Freddie fans getting a bad rap because of a few fans. Jen and Nathan have absolutely fantastic chemistry and I just love them to peices. Mix includes artists by Lady Gaga, Scouting for Girls, Taylor Swift, Mika, Taio Cruz and more!

(cause baby when it's love if it's not rough it isn't fun)