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5_4_3_2's Journal

It's cool cuz we don't say the 1.
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iCarly fanworks, prompts, challenges, discussion, and awesomeness.
5_4_3_2 is an iCarly community that is all about challenges, polls, prompts, and interaction for everything including fic, art, discussion and anything creative. Please join and participate, because a community is only as good as its members.
If you have questions or ideas for things to do in and with this community, please comment on the ideas post! The Modlings are always listening. Be creative and don't be shy! If you don't want to participate in the challenges, join anyway and tell us what you would like to do here!

Oh my god! It's an iCarly community with actual RULES! Rules that you need to follow, because without rules there is only CHAOS.

5. Follow the Rules
*Always listen to the mods.
*If you feel like you should be in charge, you have to prove it.
*If it isn't outlawed in the rules, and it feels like common sense, it's probably okay.
*Failure to read these rules does not excuse you from failing to follow them.

4. Don't be Stupid.
*Utilize coherent spelling, punctuation, and formatting, like tags and paragraph breaks.
*Follow the posting guidelines, including use of LJ-cuts, and remember, only community mods can run community challenges. Detailed tag descriptions here.
*Don't post links to illegal downloads, trollbait, or anything that common sense tells you is wrong.
*Don't be afraid to ask questions or try something new.

3. Don't Freak Out.
*Never jump to conclusions or read meaning into a post that isn't there.
*Take everything with a grain of salt and a good attitude.
*NEVER delete comments in your posts, it is the rudest thing you can possibly do.
*Never lose perspective; this is about a television show.

2. Don't Be Mean.
*Pointing out shortcomings and voicing valid criticisms is not mean as long as it is done with civility and NEVER meant cruelly or to belittle a person's understanding of a situation or problem.
*Never insult actors, crew, or fellow fans, or throw out baseless assumptions about people.
*Elitism, close-mindedness, or ostracizing behavior and attitudes will get you banned.
*Silliness, overanalysis, piecharts, and healthy competition are all encouraged.

Credit: Where it's Due.
*LJ layout by visualwit (w/ heavy customization)
*Header graphic (and most other community graphics) by mizufae, unless otherwise specified.
*AFFILIATES: PM mizufae to ask about affiliating. Current affiliates can be found here